99 Problems

99 problems but my Tiramisu ain't one! A smooth sponge cake dipped in mocha and layered with cheesecake. Topped with chocolate flakes and lightly sprinkled with cocoa.
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Don’t let the name of this premium vape juice fool you, because there’s certainly nothing wrong with this tasty Tiramisu vape. It tastes like a smooth, yellow sponge cake fresh out of the oven, dipped in a rich, mocha sauce, and layered with thick, cream cheesecake. And that’s not all! We then add extra special flavorings to mimic the tastes of real milk chocolate flakes and a light sprinkling of fresh cocoa.

99 Problems E-Liquid from E-Cigarettes Australia is simply a chocoholic’s dream vape in a tiny glass bottle! The only problem you’ll have with this premium e-liquid is keeping enough in stock!

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