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How to Quit Smoking by Vaping

It’s about time you quit smoking. You’re sick of trying all the alternatives when you’ve (unsuccessfully) tried to kick the habit. That nicotine-laced gum which becomes ineffective in less than five minutes and the inhalers that just do not give you the hit that you need to survive the phase which can be fixed by nothing but the feel of a traditional cigarette between your lips.

This is probably when you need to try an electronic cigarette. No, this is not what we’re saying, but this is something which a lot of studies have concluded. A study published in The Lancet has shown that 22% of the people who started vaping have been able to entirely quit smoking within a month.

If this was not enough, Dr. Leonie Brose was recently quoted saying:

“We already know that using an e-cigarette in an attempt to quit smoking increases the chances of success compared to quitting without any support”. Now that you are all happy and delighted to finally discover something that can help you in quitting smoking, let’s see how e-cigarettes help you achieve it.

Quitting Smoking through E-Cigarettes

The entire process of quitting smoking using an e-cigarette is literally based on simply weaning yourself away from your addiction with nicotine. You get to control your level of nicotine intake when you use an e-cig, whereas you generally have to smoke up an entire traditional cigarette once you’ve bought it, as it doesn’t allow you to customize or adjust the nicotine content as per your will. This is how it starts.

Track your nicotine intake

Scale your nicotine intake. You will be able to cut down the nicotine intake only when you know how much of it you are consuming currently. This can be done by counting the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. Once you have an average idea of your daily nicotine intake, work on reducing it week after week. An e-cigarette would help you do so. Go for flavoured eliquids having nicotine levels of lesser concentration and simultaneously try different e-liquid flavours to beat your need of nicotine.

Decrease the nicotine intake slowly

I’ll take the time to carry things further. Start decreasing the nicotine levels step by step. Sure, it is intimidating to think about as you’re surely going to feel a difference in your body. But, the price you are going to pay holds no value compared to the chance to finally quit smoking. To get an idea of what this is like, just imagine switching to a slightly “lighter” tobacco. The entire process of letting go of your smoking habit is all about time. Give it enough time and things will fix themselves. There is no fixed timeline for this.

Switch to the lighter levels of nicotine only when you feel comfortable doing so! We’d rather advise you to take this process at your own pace and follow it all through rather than just rushing through it to get to the end quickly.

Vape whenever you feel the urge of having nicotine

This might seem like the most insignificant factor, but when you buy a cigarette, you’re obliged to smoke all of it solely because you’ve paid for it. So you tend to get used to a certain amount of nicotine entering your system every single time you smoke, which makes it close to impossible to quit the habit. But this is not the case with e-cigarettes. You can take a puff of it whenever you feel the unavoidable urge of needing a nicotine fix and put it straight back into your pocket once you’re done. It is the easiest way you’re ever going to be able to decrease your nicotine intake in steps, while also getting an actual fix for your addiction.

This is, in fact, one of the ways e-cigarettes help us quit smoking. They don’t involve the smoke; they serve as a pretty efficient way to give you the oral fixation you need. Even people who use nicotine patches are recommended to chew gum and/or eat candies to satisfy their oral cravings. We all know, however, that chewing gum doesn’t really simulate the feeling of having something to puff on, and having the ability to exhale a cloud of smoke. This is where the e-cigs take the cake. They give you your oral fix without you having to smoke a cigarette. It gives you the entire experience, including the nicotine hitting the back of your throat, and seeing the cloud of vapour instead of smoke on exhaling.

Take it slowly

Here is the bottom line. The entire deal with quitting smoking by using an e-cigarette is to take things really slow. The faster you try to get the results you desire, the worse your plan is going to fail. After having multiple failed attempts, most users have testified that decreasing the nicotine levels slowly has proven to be much, much easier for them in quitting smoking.

Just keep your spirits high; you have no idea how well you’re going to do until the time you give it a fair shot. It is going to save you quite a bit of money every month, and above all, boost your health. Keep the faith alive that you can quit smoking through e-cigarettes and finally, you will!


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